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Hidden Gay Cams
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Category: Hardcore
Review Date: February 26, 2012 by Adam
270 Picture Sets w/ 100 Pictures Per Set
(High-Res Pictures: Yes) (Screen Caps: No) (Zip: No)
Videos: 22 Videos At Around 25 Minutes Each
Video Downloads: Full Video & Video Clips
Delivery Type Download and Stream
Bonus Sites 67
Other (Live Chat: No) (Video DRM: No)


Trial: $9.95 - 3 Days
Monthly: $24.95 - 30 Days


Navigation: 5.0 / 10
Quality: 14.0 / 20
Quantity: 14.0 / 20
Downloadable: 5.0 / 5
Updates: 7.0 / 15
Originality: 5.0 / 5
Entertainment 2.0 / 5
Value: 14.0 / 20

Hidden Gay Cams Full Review


Remember Candid Camera? Those exciting clips of people doing things without knowing there was a camera, those glorious days before the self awareness train wreck that is any reality television show on today? When people are caught on camera their emotions are raw, as apposed to when they know they are being filmed. If someone knows there is a camera in the room they will act like it, whether intentionally or not, and it will ruin everything. Thanks to Hidden Gay Cams, you can see all of the best gay action in its RAW form. These boys don't know they are being recorded and that makes what they do even sexier!


Though with any sort of "hidden camera" or amateur site there is always the concern that the quality won't be up to par, Hidden Gay Cams is a gem. They are all home video/security camera style, but you don't lose anything because of it. You can still hear and see just about everything, and the things you can't 'make it even hotter because then you get to speculate about what you are missing.

They catch these gay boys doing things in crazy places, too. From public displays of lust at Mardi Gras to boys getting it on in indoor and outdoor showers, even some straight men jacking off without knowing that someone is recording it; Hidden Gay Cams has tons of sexy situations that you are going to love to indulge upon.

On top of all of that they are a part of the Bad Puppy network, trusted names in gay pornography for over 15 years, so you get access to all of the Bad Puppy catalogue and site perks. Bad Puppy hosts private welcomes and live sex shows, so if web cam and hidden cam content is up your alley then you are really going to enjoy everything that Bad Puppy has to offer.

The site has over 250 picture sets with around 100 pictures per set, all of which are in the highest resolution possible considering the circumstances. At only $9.95 for a 3 day trial or $24.95 a month that is a pretty good value for all of that hidden camera goodness.


Though there are tons of picture sets, there aren't as many videos as you would think. At the time of review the site only had about 30 videos, around 25 minutes each, for your viewing pleasure. I don't know about you, but when I think of hidden camera footage I think of those security videos you see on shows like Candid Camera or Cops. Not having very much video content is definitely a detriment to this site.

Because of that the value is also taken down; you're basically paying $25 a month for pictures and access to Bad Puppy's catalogue, and really the site should be worthy of that money on its own without any help from the other sites.


All in all if you are looking for some raw footage and do not mind going around to other sites in order to get your kicks, you will like Hidden Gay Cams. They do present some pretty steamy gay sex, and if you get bored you can always go check out the others things that Bad Puppy has to offer.

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