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Super Twink
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Category: Twink (18+)
Review Date: February 27, 2012 by Adam
10 Picture Sets w/ 250 Pictures Per Set
(High-Res Pictures: No) (Screen Caps: No) (Zip: No)
Videos: 7 Videos At Around 30 Minutes Each
Video Downloads: Full Video
Delivery Type Download and Stream
Bonus Sites 8
Bonus Feeds 27
Other (Live Chat: No) (Video DRM: No)


Trial: $1.85 - 3 Days
Monthly: $29.99 - 30 Days
Billing: WTS | CCBill | Epoch Systems


Navigation: 5.0 / 10
Quality: 5.0 / 20
Quantity: 5.0 / 20
Downloadable: 5.0 / 5
Updates: 5.0 / 15
Originality: 5.0 / 5
Entertainment 2.0 / 5
Value: 4.0 / 20

Super Twink Full Review


Taking a cue from campy sixties comic books, the Super Twink website follows the adventures of the gay superhero on his quest of “helping guys get off around the globe.” The bleached blond, pink caped superhero twink appears to aid other hard-up hairless studs as he battles his arch enemies, cleverly named the Fast Fucker and the Rimmer.


The website layout is like that of a comic book and many of SuperTwink’s adventures are visible in the high quality photo panes. Each episode outlined on the free part of the website includes a free sample video, and there are several sample videos available on the free tour web pages. The videos include great close-ups of hot twink tight ass action and creamy cum shots.

All of the actors are twinks – no bears here to turn you off. Everybody is clean and smooth. These are not super-beefy gym jocks, either. They are very good looking guys, but real guys. And they have some gorgeous cocks to watch get sucked.

The sex scenes are well executed. They are well lit and have lots of close-ups of the action. Yet, they still maintain a bit of camp, as many of them look like they are filmed in the same rented white-walled apartment, and they usually end with a silly catch-phrase from one of the characters. The quality of the video is very good, however; no grainy, homemade looking images here. It’s all high resolution ass-fucking fun!

The site promises new content weekly, so it’s like tuning in to your own porn webisodes each week.

SuperTwink’s arch enemies get in on the action, too, as they do team up in certain episodes. The Flash Fucker has a costume that is literally painted on. And the Rimmer’s outfit is little more than a hat, mask and a cape with an “R” on it. The enemies wouldn’t want pesky clothes to get in the way of the action.

There’s fun with sex toys as well. SuperTwink keeps a dildo on his utility belt and isn’t afraid to whip it out and use it as he aids young, frustrated gay guys get off. There’s even an episode where he brings a dildo in for repairs, and the technician says he has to pay with either “cash or your ass.” Guess which one he picks?


The membership to includes access to other websites as well, but only a set of about a half a dozen of them is included. Other porn sites offer access to dozens more sites for the same price. So it doesn’t seem like it’s as good a deal when compared to other pay sites. However, the sites that are included in the membership do seem to be targeted to the same audience who find twinks a turn on.


If you’re looking for a little fun and camp, a loose plot to frame the porn, then you’ll be pleased with SuperTwink. The video quality of the sex scenes is very good, with lots of twink action to enjoy.

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